Ballet hairstyles for children

Do you have a daughter who attends ballet class? Looking for some ways to style her hair for ballet?

Whilst searching for ideas on ways to do my daughters hair for ballet I saw so many beautiful suggestions. I thought you would like to see them.

I admire Mums who can ‘do’ fancy hairstyles in their daughters hair. I am afraid I struggle some days to get a neat pony tail! The other day I managed two plaits…winning!!

Here are 5 ballet themed hairstyle for young girls.

twisted pigtails

Twisted pigtails on the top of the head
What a cute hairstyle and a great way to keep hair out of her eyes.
Not your 'traditional bun', however if your ballet school allows something a little different, then this is super cute!
A how to style this look is in the source below.

criss cross bun ballet

Criss cross bun
This is a nice alternative to the classic bun.

the classical ballet bun

The classical ballet bun
A classic ballet hairstyle.
I love a tutorial and here is a great and simple You Tube clip on how to 'do' this classic ballet bun.

the perfect ballet bun

The perfect ballet bun
If you struggle to get a neat bun (like me!). The link in the source below gives you a quick tutorial with some good tips.

french braid bun

French Braid Bun
A bun that takes a bit more time to do, however it looks very pretty.
The link in the source below gives you a step by step tutorial on how to do a french braid bun.

I hope this has given you some some inspiration for the next time to do your daughters hair for ballet.

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