The benefits of dress ups and pretend play for kids

There is something magical as a child to dress up. Pretending to be a princess, a fairy, a doctor or a super hero. Dressing up allows your child time to pretend to be whoever she wants to be. Whilst dress ups can be fun it is also giving your child various life skills.

There is a good reason why you will see childcare centres setting up areas where children can dress up and engage in pretend play, as it helps promote many life skills.

Using their imagination

When children dress up it encourages them to use their imagination and to think more. Dressing up gives children the opportunity to be creative. It allows your child to explore her imagination in a fun way. It can spark creativity, when they think of what they want to dress up as and what they need to wear to look like that character, animal or a ballerina.

Improves communication skills

Whilst kids are playing dress ups it can help aid communication skills. Dressing up encourages role play which in turn encourages children to practise speech, turn taking and cooperation.

Social and emotional skills

Dress ups and dramatic play provides opportunities for growth in the areas of social and emotional development. Children can play out situations that are troubling them. Sometimes this can help them work out the world around them in a safe space. If participating in pretend play with other children there may be negotiations involved and turn taking. These are great skills to learn for life.

Dress ups is a simple way to bring out the endless imagination in young children. It allows children to not only develop life skills, It also allows children a chance to dream, and live out those dreams through play.

At Giggle Me Pink we believe pretend play and dress ups is one of the most important parts of being a child, and that is why we create products that encourage these skills. From the tutus and tiaras we have designed to the backpacks we have created (such as our fairy wings backpack) our products allow children to dream, dress up and enjoy being a child.

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