Creating a ballet themed bedroom

Do you have a budding ballerina in the family? Has she asked for a ballet barre and mirror in her room? For many young girls who love ballet this is a dream set up.
I know when I was a young girl I REALLY wanted a ballet barre and mirror in my bedroom so that I could practice, practice, practice. I was lucky enough to get this (wish I had a photo to show you!).

If you have a daughter who is passionate about ballet and dance chances are she is always looking for space that she can spin, twirl, plie and pointe.

We have searched the internet and put together a collection of inspirational spaces for your young dancer.  Below are 7 ballet themed bedrooms that include a ballet barre and mirror. Some ideas are simple, some offer inspiration.

1.       Girls pink bedroom with ballet barre and mirrored wardrobe

ballet barre on mirrorSource

2. DIY Ballet Barre

diy ballet barreSource

3. Wonderland Bedroom with Ballet Barre

ballet barre in fancy roomSource

4. Ballerina Princess Bedroom

ballerina princess themed roomSource

5. Tutu Cute Simple ballet barre and mirror

ballet barre and mirror simpleSource: Pinterest

6. Ballet bare in mirrored room

ballet roomSource

7. Purple Ballet Themed Bedroom

ballet themed purple roomSource

Which one do you think would be your daughters favourite?

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