The Importance of Play

Play. Such a fun thing isn't it! Is it important in childhood? We think so and here is why.
Play is more than just fun for children. A lot is happening when your child is playing. Play provides opportunities for children to learn. It is a way children develop an understanding of the world around them, plus it gives your child a way to find out how things work. What happens if I push this? What happens if I open that?

Play is important for your child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. This can be through playing one their own and playing with other children.

A great way that children can learn and interact with other children is through role playing. This allows them a way to re intact what they see going on in their world.

Role play can be as simple as using a block for a phone, and pretending to talk on it ‘just like Mum does’, or your daughter might like to dress up in a tutu and dance like a ballerina, just like Angelina Ballerina or other ballerina she has seen.

The child who pretends to be a ballerina, a mother, a fairy, a hairdresser is demonstrating some knowledge of these roles and is working through his or her own ideas about all that they involve.

Social play (playing with others) provides a space where friendship groups are formed, it may involve power in relationships and negotiating this, and other challenging life experiences are explored. It gives your child a space where they can build these skills.

Does your daughter have opportunities to play on her own, with you and with other children?

Play is essential for children. Give your children the gift of time. Let them play!

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